Rebekah Anne
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Straightforward Truth, Fresh Perspective, and Reliable Inspiration


Inspirational Biblical Teaching

It all started 10 years ago when I was serving as the Interim Director of Women’s Ministry at Liberty University. I had a unique platform to deliver life-giving truth to hearts of college women and a distinct urging from the Holy Spirit to do just that. I started a Bible Study called TruthBeTold with the mission to provide better answers for college-age women. Over two years TruthBeTold’s weekly attendance surpassed 200. This developed into keynote speaking. I have since spoken at nearly 100 events throughout the U.S and am comfortable with all types of events, age groups and group sizes.

As a speaker I stand on the authority of the Word of God. I enjoy tackling the hardest questions of life and faith with humor. Sharing straightforward, vulnerable, life-giving truth with women is hands-down the most important work I do and the strongest calling I feel on my life. I speak on all topics and teach the Word in general but I do have a special passion for speaking on the following topics:

Signature Talks

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IDENTITY / confidence in Christ - Email for details

Non-Faith Based Keynote

I also enjoy teaching on the topics that I have mastered as an entrepreneur or coach. I have 5 specific talks that I give to business, civic, and educational groups.

Signature Talks

The Intelligence of Optimism

In a world where it’s seen as smart to be jaded and modern to be mad…is it possible that choosing optimism is actually the smarter route? When optimism improves physical and mental health, strengthens personal and work relationships, and opens up career opportunities, the simple answer is, YES! In this talk I dive into why people choose pessimism as a protective mechanism, the biological and social science behind why optimism is both safe and smart. I also leave the audience with real life tools to shift their mindset and energy, making way for more good in all areas of life.

The Secret Source of Stress

What if your own mind was working against you and you didn’t know it? Our brains have a hard-wired operating system that is set up to help us survive. Unfortunately, the operating system might be preventing you from thriving and at worst, could be adding loads of subconscious physiological stress to your day. With a little awareness it’s actually pretty simple to re-wire the system! In this talk I explain how certain (untrue / unhelpful) beliefs can be clouding the lens through which you see yourself, others and the world…and most important, how to remove that lens!

Why I Love Negative Emotions

In this talk I demystify Emotional Intelligence and help audiences quickly increase their own by explaining why emotions are important, why they shouldn’t be feared, how we can feel them without letting them run our lives, and how to simply feel more of the good ones! This logical look at emotions jumps from work, to romantic relationships, and everywhere in between dropping funny, and freeing truth bombs along the way.

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Gabrielle, 30

Rebekah has been a speaker at our MORE: inspired by IF:Gathering twice. I can say without a doubt that this woman is using her God-given gifts and abilities for the glory of God and the wellness of others. Her love for Jesus, women and Truth partnered with her conviction, passion and humor make her one of my favorite speakers out there. If you are looking for a speaker who shares with God-given confidence and ease, humor and authenticity, she is your woman.”

Nikki, 42

“I first heard Rebekah speak at a small women’s event and couldn’t take notes fast enough. She was funny, engaging, tough, and everything she said echoed Biblical truth. A few days later, I encouraged (i.e. forced) a friend to drive two hours with me to hear Rebekah speak in person a second time… she had to be too good to be true. But again, the Lord spoke to my heart in a new way through her teaching.”

Danielle, 33

“I have been blessed to hear Rebekah speak in several different contexts. She is able to take broad concepts and make them specific, practical and easy for the listener to implement. Her humor, honesty, and wisdom make her relateable to a wide range of people. I personally am so thankful for her encouragement in my life, as well as for the ways she has ministered to the mom’s group that I lead!””

Pam, 62

“Rebekah’s messages are a blessing to hear. She is genuine, motivational, passionate and gives thought-provoking encouragement to her listeners.”

Kristi, 24

“Every word that came out of your mouth tonight seemed like it was sent straight from the Lord to me! I’ve been inchurch and Christian education since I was 5 years old and I have never heard anything so fresh and revolutionary as your message tonight.”

Janet, 50

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and talk to our group. You are very effective with the words you choose and in all of your real-life examples. We definitely want to have you back again next year!”

Shelly, 37

“Rebekah is a fantastic communicator. She is Biblically based, easy to listen to, entertaining, and speaks truth in a way that brings lots of “ah ha” moments!”

Sandy, 55

“Using the lessons the Lord has taught her through life experiences and the education she’s received, Rebekah ministers to the souls of women looking for hope and looking for answers to the challenges of daily life. She gives Truth and hope in a world that’s not always kind ... through the Word of God. We have enjoyed having her speak to our ladies on many occasions!”

Anonymous, 55

“I just wanted to thank you for coming to speak. Your talk was so refreshing. I was thinking about the talk you gave, even today, trying to keep my focus on Jesus and let him be enough. Your testimony rings familiar and true. I just wanted to say, what a huge encouragement you were to me... thanks again.”