IT ALL STARTED in 2010...


I was 27. I had been professionally training young leaders and mentoring nearly 600 college women for 3 years, battling daily to fill the gap between their real lives and what was (not) being discussed in mainstream Christianity, all the while struggling with silent questions of my own. Girl after girl came to me regretting her choices, longing for answers and desperately trying to make sense of her faith in the face a rapidly changing culture. 

After a series of heart-shattering events caused me to question everything I thought I knew about God, I too had a crisis of faith and experienced a season of depression. However, the loving-kindness of God held me even when I wanted nothing to do with Him. I was drawn out of my grief and into a deeper relationship with Him then I ever thought possible. (There is far more to that story!)

I felt a freedom like I had never known and, the call to step up and help others experience this freedom as well. My passion for freedom birthed a insatiable hunger for the Truth that would get us all there.  So, when I started a Bible study as the interim-director if Women's Ministry, I called it “Truth Be Told.” For two years I tackled topics that were often ignored by the church, exposing the thoughts and questions that many women think by never say out loud. The success of that study lead to opportunities to speak elsewhere, and my speaking journey began. 

My ultimate goal was then, as it is now, to provide well thought out Truth that applies to our real life in order lead women to true and lasting FREEDOM in Christ. I know we can become wise and balanced leaders who enjoy a daily inner abundance. I know that in Christ, there is no place for captivity and confusion. 

Since that time my own career has taken me from being a full time counselor to a manager in public service to starting my own business. While my experience and age have widened my scope from mentoring college women to coaching all women, I remain fulled by the same passion that changed the trajectory of my life 8 years ago: To Champion Truth and Set Women Free. 

I'm so glad you are here. Let's be free, together, and take that freedom to the world...

Rebekah Anne


"...I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

-John 10:10