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I’m about better answers.

The kind that bring foggy feelings into focus, instantly. The kind that hold so much weight, they anchor us. The kind that deliver the purest form of love, truth.

Hi, Rebekah Anne here. I am a Speaker, Coach, and Writer, but first and foremost, a listener.

I’ve built my life, ministry and business on God’s Truth and using it to answer life’s questions with stirring simplicity, potent practicality, and fearless depth.

I’m so glad you are here.


Inspirational Biblical Teaching

Do you have a group in need of encouragement, inspiration and fresh Truth? Is it important that your speaker stand firm on the complete inerrancy of God’s Word?

Rebekah has spoken at nearly 100 events throughout the U.S. She specializes in Women’s Retreats, Conferences and College / Young Adults events.

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Staff Training + Retreats

Drawing on her years of management experience and developing leaders, Rebekah enjoys leading staff trainings and retreats for churches, non-profits and educational institutions. She specializes in soft-skill development such as: Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, Teamwork, Work / Life Balance, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution.

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Team Building

Combining her love of creating connections, her talent for public speaking and her 10 years of working with college students, Rebekah has mastered the art of leading icebreakers and team builders for groups, small and large, young and old. Ask about her signature “PlayFair” which can work in any setting, from entertainment at formal dinners to the highlight of a college orientation.

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While most of Rebekah’s work is faith-based, she also addresses civic groups, public and state entities, networking clubs and more, focusing on business skill development, entrepreneurship and/or whole health topics such: Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Overcoming Stress & Anxiety, and Building Confidence.

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Life & Leadership Coaching for Women of Faith

The breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is closer, and sweeter, than you think.



Rebekah’s first book is underway and is expected to be available for purchase in early 2020. Its working title is “Brave Humility.”

She is also wrapping up work on her second Bible Study, titled “Soul Rest: A 3-week guided journey to finding true rest for the stressed, anxious, and empty soul.”

Rebekah writes monthly articles here and shares unique content on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Invitations to collaborate are welcomed! To invite Rebekah to write for your blog, site, or magazine, email her directly here.