Kristi, 28

Coaching Client, Sales Professional and Passionate Advocate for Fair Trade



Sarah, 28

Coaching Client, Entrepreneur and Owner of Honey MAP Marketing Agency





Former Director of Women's Ministries, Shelter Cover Community Church

Using the lessons the Lord has taught her through life experiences and the education she’s received working with young women at Liberty University, Rebekah ministers to the souls of gals looking for hope and looking for answers to the challenges of daily life. She give Truth and hope in a world that’s not always kind ... through the Word of God.



Director of Women's Ministry, Big Valley Grace Community Church


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Darla, 33

Coaching Client, Dental Hygienist & Single Mother

I met Rebekah after hearing her speak at a church seminar, I was immediately drawn to her charismatic natural style of speaking. She spoke with direct honesty, just how I like it! Since going through the coaching, her encouragement, prayer, and insightful advice has helped me get through a very hard time in my life. Her genuine nature helped me feel at ease and comfortable sharing my deepest stuff through coaching., which allowed me to start to finally move forward. I highly recommend her valuable sessions for any woman out there no matter where you are in your life walk!


Gabbie, 29

Founder of MORE, Inspire by IF:Gathering

Rebekah was my personal mentor for a year at Liberty University and she has also been a speaker at our MORE: inspired by IF:Gathering. I can say without a doubt that this woman is using her God given gifts and abilities for the glory of God and the wellness of others. Her love for Jesus, women and Truth partnered with her conviction, passion and humor make her one of my favorite speakers out there. If you are looking for a speaker who shares with God given confidence and ease, humor and authenticity, she is your woman.


Tajiana, 22

Coaching Client, College Student, Lover of God and People

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Tiffany, 25

Coaching Client, Licensed Physical Therapist and Newlywed




Christian Educator

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and talk to our group. Your words and real-life examples are well chosen and are very effective. We definitely want to have you back again next year!