ARe YOU READY to invest in yourself?

Are you a woman of faith seeking clarity and growth on various levels? Do you feel stuck? Maybe you have goals that you want to reach in your life or career and need tools. Perhaps you are looking to develop healthier habits.

I love seeing women RISE and SHINE for the glory of God and good of the Kingdom.

I do not specialize in a single topic. I specialize in bringing clarity to complex emotions and situations, detecting root issues, skill development and goal achievement. I use Biblical Truth to deepen your understanding of who God is and who He made you to be, coupled with professional tools to activate your potential, bringing you to deeper levels of freedom and abundance.

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So What is Personal Coaching, exactly?

Though each person’s goals are quite unique, coaching moves clients through a structured process of goal attainment, while helping them become the person they need to be, achieving the life they want to live. The people who benefit most from coaching are those who are all in. Thi process can work for anyone, in any situation, as long as they are fully committed!

My Beliefs, Credentials and approach

  • Our relationship is not about you, not me. Out goal is to help you discover and fully enjoy who you are and the life God has given you.

  • I will lend you a generous ear and ask you tough questions.

  • I embrace the process. While each call often results in revelatory moment, true change will not happen overnight.

  • I pull from counseling techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Theory.

  • I blend instinct, experience, empathy, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit into a unique structured framework.

  • My heart (care, concern, prayer) is free. Those who choose to work with me in this capacity, pay for my time and expertise.

  • I believe the "Truth shall set you free" (John 8:32) and the Truth referred to in that verse is Jesus Christ.

  • I strive to help women live a balanced life of personal responsibility and submission to God's will and sovereignty. 

  • I have worked with over 250 people combining professional experience as a mentor, counselor, manager and coach. My experience and hours of post-graduate education are nearly three times what the International Coaching Federation requires for a Professional Coach.



Milestone 1 - Get Started with a SIMPLE Call

A free, no obligation phone call is the start of your journey! Don't worry, I will lead the call and it will  be comfortable, fun and insightful, whether you decide to purchase a coaching plan or not! During this call we will discuss your concerns and goals. I will also make a recommendation on the number of sessions you will likely need.

Milestone 2 - Discover Who You Are & Where You Want to Be

Build self-awareness. Allow yourself to dream. Establish core values and overcome limiting beliefs.

Milestone 3 - Know What You Need to Do To Get There

Set goals. Learn effective scheduling and time-management skills. Build confidence.

Milestone 4 - Do It!

Develop self-discipline and overcome obstacles as you achieve your goals.

Milestone 5 - Completion & Celebration

Final Session 




Sarah, 28

Owner of Honey MAP Marketing Agency

“I’ve always been a skeptic about ‘life coaching’, but I’ve long admired Rebekah as a raw, real woman of substance. When she started coaching, I knew I needed to work with her. She brings a perfect combination of professional counseling and her management skills with her casual best friend vibes make it so easy to talk through personal and professional challenges. We talked about my career, my relationships, my day to day life, and how all of those pieces meshed together. Our talks were immensely helpful and brought me the clarity and validation that I needed to get unstuck and move forward. I love that there was homework each week and that in addition to listening to me, she held me accountable to my goals. I will gladly continue a relationship with Rebekah and I encourage any woman who is looking for some love and objectivity in getting ‘unstuck’ to call her immediately.”


Tajiana, 22

College Student

“I’ve been working with Rebekah for a while now, using the bi-weekly personal coaching plan. I love it! She is extremely easy to talk to, there is no judgment in her voice or her words, ever. She speak truth and grace with gentleness. Rebekah always has a positive attitude which helps me feel positive and motivated. She has helped me purse the goals I have wanted to pursue for years. I believe that she has been a tool and mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit to give me the push I have so desperately needed in my relationship with the Lord. Her coaching is helping me manage my anxiety, depression and helps me feel hope when I feel hopeless. God is good! He uses all things for His good and sometimes we need an extra push from our sisters in Christ. God has gifted Rebekah to help motivate women and pursue a deeper relationship with Him.”

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Jenny, 33

Dental Hygienist & Single Mother

“I met Rebekah after hearing her speak at a church seminar, I was immediately drawn to her charismatic natural style of speaking. She spoke with direct honesty, just how I like it! Since going through the coaching, her encouragement, prayer, and insightful advice has helped me get through a very hard time in my life. Her genuine nature helped me feel at ease and comfortable sharing my deepest stuff through coaching., which allowed me to start to finally move forward. I highly recommend her valuable sessions for any woman out there no matter where you are in your life walk!”


Sophie, 26

Wife & Co-Owner of S+C Photography

“Thank you so much! Having you as my coach has been such a blessing. It’s moving in the direction I want to be! I’m able to fit things into my week and get things done that I never thought I had time for. I didn’t know that it was possible to enjoy everyday and every week like I am. It is all because of you help and wisdom. Thank you!”




The Transformation

Relax into in 6-8 months of focused, caring and professional support as you build a long term relationship with your coach, enjoying 20 1-hour coaching sessions.

This package allows you enough time to dig deep, create lasting change and experience rich growth on all levels as you move through the 5 milestones.

Receive personalized weekly growth activities, encouragement texts and accountability emails as well as a welcome pack with free gift.



One Month, Bi-Weekly

Pay as you go, monthly and enjoy:

Two (2) 1-hour video coaching sessions, weekly growth activities that move you through the 5 milestones or focus on the one milestone or skill of your choosing.

You will also receive a welcome pack with free gift, personalized accountability emails and encouragement texts.



1 Month, Weekly

Pay as you go, monthly and enjoy:

Four (4) 1-hour video coaching sessions, weekly growth activities that move you through the 5 milestones or focus on the one milestone or skill of your choosing.

You will also receive a welcome pack with free gift, personalized accountability emails and encouragement texts.



Single Session

A simple 1-hour Skype, phone or or in person meeting designed for quick clarity and tips. There are no growth activities, ongoing accountability or encouragement with single sessions.