Personal Life coaching for Christian womeN

Do you find it hard to be authentic in who God made you to be, living life fearlessly? Do you lack a sense of contentment, passion, direction or worth? Do you feel stuck, lacking clarity? Are you ready for more? It is my firm conviction that all Christian women can be free, strong, and powerfully influential.

Even with all the truth-filled books, practical podcasts, and inspiring conferences these days, it is rare to see a woman who is all those things. My passion for coaching was born out of my time as a counselor and the many conversations I have with women after I speak. I often hear some version of the same question, “I love what you talked about, but how I make it real in my life?”

We have believed lies. We have made the wrong choices. We have experienced upbringings that gave us an improper view of God and self. There are many things that simply make it hard to grow and apply what speaks to our soul. The hangups are often not overcome without intentional effort and a little help.

This is where Personal Coaching comes in. I am a speaker first, but I often run into women that simply want more. With them, I assist in holistic growth and grace-fueled goal achievement. 

This starts with a series of powerful conversations founded in Biblical truth,  which provide the clarity needed to remove roadblocks and limiting beliefs. We then use professional tools to activate their higher functioning faith, life, and self

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Stage 1 - start with a free Discovery Call

A free, no obligation phone call is the start of your journey. During your 30 minute Discovery Call you will:

  • Gain clarity on your concerns and goals

  • Receive supportive advice and prayer

  • Summarize your coaching objectives

  • Get a better understanding of personal coaching and if it is right for you

stage 2 - unlock honesty

The only stage that “looks back,” we begin by asking questions that remove your self-protective blind spots and detect limiting beliefs (lies you believe) and roadblocks. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Know your core motivation, strengths and weakness

  • Understand to what degree, and why, you are a follower or leader in your own life

  • Face any habit, distraction, thought process, abiding shame or sin, preventing you from “leveling up”

Stage 3 - Internalize truth

After you practice complete honesty with yourself and identify the things holding you back, we will use Biblical Truth to demolish your mental, emotional, or spiritual roadblocks. When you internalize Truth, you will experience greater freedom, as things like anxiety, people-pleasing, perfectionism, fear, and insecurity will no longer control you. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Be secure in God’s opinion, not the opinion of others

  • Have a confidence, firmly rooted in God’s complete acceptance of you

  • Begin speaking Truth and grace over yourself, by taking your thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ

  • Feel authentically stronger

Stage 4 - Take Complete Ownership

It is common for people to experience stages 1-3 in a traditional counseling environment. My approach takes your freedom beyond, as I inspire and equip you with practical tools needed to take complete ownership of the resources God has given you: your unique identity, time, energy, skills, passion, story, and life. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Have a daily schedule prioritizing your values, building the life you want

  • Develop spiritual and physical habits which promote joy

  • Understand the importance of, and know how to make wise choices, positively effecting your self and relationships

  • Have greater motivation

  • Possess deeper control over your life that’s driven by knowing who you are - not by fear

Stage 5 - Set Goals and Build Skills

As you “level up” from the inside out, you will have the capacity to reach previously unattainable goals. In the final stage I will help you set and begin pursuing new and tangible goals. Would you like to advance your career? Increase your physical health? Build your business or start one? If so, you’ll need to master some skills to make that a reality. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Have short, medium, and long term goals that are realistic and measurable

  • Possess the hard and soft skills* to achieve those goals

  • Enjoy progress toward your more satisfying life

It is my passion to help women “level up” in all areas of their life, for the glory of God and the good of the kingdom. I start by helping them make internal shifts that release tension and make way for higher functioning in all areas of their life. - Rebekah



Sarah, 28

Owner of Honey MAP Marketing Agency

“I’ve always been a skeptic about ‘life coaching’, but I’ve long admired Rebekah as a raw, real woman of substance. When she started coaching, I knew I needed to work with her. She brings a perfect combination of professional counseling, and her management skills, with her casual best friend vibes, make it so easy to talk through personal and professional challenges. We talked about my career, my relationships, my day to day life, and how all of those pieces meshed together. Our talks were immensely helpful and brought me the clarity and validation that I needed to get unstuck and move forward. I love that there was homework each week and that, in addition to listening to me, she held me accountable to my goals. I will gladly continue a relationship with Rebekah and I encourage any woman who is looking for some love and objectivity in getting ‘unstuck’ to call her immediately.”


Tajiana, 22

College Student

“I’ve been working with Rebekah for a while now, using the bi-weekly personal coaching plan. I love it! She is extremely easy to talk to, there is no judgment in her voice or her words, ever. She speaks truth and grace with gentleness. Rebekah always has a positive attitude which helps me feel positive and motivated. She has helped me pursue the goals I have wanted to pursue for years. I believe that she has been a tool and mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit to give me the push I have so desperately needed in my relationship with the Lord. Her coaching is helping me manage my anxiety, depression and helps me feel hope when I feel hopeless. God is good! He uses all things for His good and sometimes we need an extra push from our sisters in Christ. God has gifted Rebekah to help motivate women and pursue a deeper relationship with Him.”

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Jenny, 33

Dental Hygienist & Single Mother

“I met Rebekah after hearing her speak at a church seminar, I was immediately drawn to her charismatic natural style of speaking. She spoke with direct honesty, just how I like it! Since going through the coaching, her encouragement, prayer, and insightful advice has helped me get through a very hard time in my life. Her genuine nature helped me feel at ease and comfortable sharing my deepest stuff through coaching, which allowed me to start to finally move forward. I highly recommend her valuable sessions for any woman out there no matter where you are in your life walk!”


Sophie, 26

Wife & Co-Owner of S+C Photography

“Thank you so much! Having you as my coach has been such a blessing. It’s moving me in the direction I want to be! I’m able to fit things into my week and get things done that I never thought I had time for. I didn’t know that it was possible to enjoy everyday and every week like I am. It is all because of your help and wisdom. Thank you!”



RISE + RUN signature package

Experience 3 months of support, guiding you through the five stages listed above. If you are ready and excited to put in the work required to “level up” from the inside out, RISE + RUN is for you.

What you will get:

A relationship in which you can enjoy being guided along, cared for, and challenged.

Nine 60-minute video coaching sessions (3 per month) In addition, I commit 3 hours of my focus throughout the week, preparing and reviewing your homework, outlining your personalized sessions, responding to midweek emails, and providing timely encouragement with accountability.



MOMENTUM MAINTENANCE monthly pay-as-you-go

Maintain your momentum beyond the RISE + RUN program, or focus on stage, challenge, or goal of your choosing.

You will get:

A relationship in which you can enjoy being guided along, cared for, and challenged.

Three 60-minute video coaching sessions. In addition, I commit 3 hours of my focus throughout the week, preparing and reviewing your homework, outlining your personalized sessions, responding to midweek emails, and providing timely encouragement with accountability.



MINDSET RESET single session

90 minute phone or video session focusing on one limiting belief or roadblock that you are ready to overcome.

What you will get:

A generous listening ear, questions to help you clarify your pain point, expert advice, Biblical Truth and encouragement, and a recommended plan of practical actions to help you overcome your roadblock.


My commitment to you

Coaching may feel like talking to a close friend. I also provide expertise in the areas of spiritual growth and personal development.

I draw from my counseling background but our work will be more “future focused” and “action oriented” than counseling.

I believe the "Truth shall set you free" (John 8:32) and the Truth referenced to in that verse is Jesus Christ. I promise to do my best to point you to Jesus.

I have worked with more than 250 people as a mentor, counselor, manager, and coach. My experience and hours of post-graduate education are nearly three times that which the International Coaching Federation requires for a Professional Coach.