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For Women of Faith

Life & Leadership Coaching


What if I told you that the breakthrough you never thought was possible, is? What if I told you that with help, you will better be able to see and apply God’s truth to your specific situation. What if I told you that clarity, healing and growth, can be yours?

Welcome. Rebekah, here. I use powerful conversation, professional tools, and practical homework to help women move closer to the heart of God gain real traction on their healing, growth and goals.


So, you’re ready for more?


Do you admire women who seem to live free? Do you feel stuck? Overwhelmed? Lacking in purpose or direction, unsure of what your next move is or how to get where you want to go?

Have you hit a wall, relationally, spiritually, or professionally? Do you want to move forward but can not see the path or possibilities?

Well then, I am thrilled you are here.

Really. I specialize in helping women just like you.

Whatever it is that you need, it’s possible. God has made a way. Yes, for you! You may not be able to see how right now, but I assure you, I can help with that.

My passion for coaching was born out of my time as a counselor. I noticed that while my clients felt supported, they weren’t actually changing or moving forward.

In that setting, I was not allowed to offer specific guidance, hard truths, or compassionate out-of-office encouragement and accountability.

I wanted to help true growth, learning-in-action, take place. Enter, coaching!

As a coach I build genuine partnerships with each of my clients, helping them get from where they are to where they want to be.

I want to get to know you, the real you. I want us to take a close look at your life, who God made you to be, your roadblocks and then, with bravery apply this truth that will help you overcome, grow, and thrive for the glory of God.

I offer expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (mindset shifts), emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, positive psychology, leadership development, and goal attainment.

Bottom line, I help women of faith gain real traction on their healing, growth, and goals.

I'm glad our paths crossed today, friend. Read on to learn everything you need to know about working me as a coach.


“For the first time in years, I felt hope.” 


Nikki, 42

“I was what you might call a “life coach skeptic”. The whole idea sounded a little new-agey to me and I was worried that the coaching I would receive would not be Biblically sound.

I first heard Rebekah speak at a small women’s event and couldn’t take notes fast enough. She was funny, engaging, tough, and everything she said echoed Biblical truth. I left curious about how she could help me dig out of the pit I found myself in.

You see, after 20 years of marriage, a cross-country move, seven kids, and ministry, I was drowning. I wanted out of my marriage, out of my ministry, and felt like my kids would be better off without me. There wasn’t a single ounce of joy left in my life and miserable didn’t seem to be an adequate enough word for what I felt inside!

I emailed Rebekah to set up our first phone call as a last ditch effort. At the end of our call, Ill admit, I was terrified of the work that laid before me, but for the first time in years, I felt hope.

Rebekah has a gift for asking the right questions to help you peel back the layers of lies and hurts that have kept you from living a life of freedom with Christ. She is encouraging and compassionate as she listens, and not once have I felt judged by her as I vulnerably share.

She has turned me back to God and His truths every single session. I don’t think I have had a week of homework yet that didn’t start with pushing me to spend more time alone with God.

I am a few months into my work with Rebekah and it has seriously been life changing. She has helped me uncover the lies satan has tricked me into believing and I am slowly being able to replace those with truth from my Heavenly Father.

She is helping me practically restructure my daily life so that I can breathe again and find the simple joys that were hiding under my feelings of being so overwhelmed.

Freedom in Christ is attainable and He wants me to experience it! I am so thankful God intersected my path with Rebekah’s!”


My signature coaching framework fosters real healing & growth for women of any age.



A free, no obligation phone call is the start of your journey. Be brave! I can’t wait to meet you and I promise the call will be comfortable, no pressure! During the call you will:

  • Answer powerful questions that help you gain clarity on your pain point, concerns and goals

  • Receive supportive advice and prayer

  • Get a better understanding of personal coaching and if it is right for you

  • Book Your Call Now!

STAGE 2 - Dig Up, Declutter & Discover

In this exciting stage, growth happens quickly as we remove your self-protective blind spots and look deeply into your past, passions, and thought patterns to discover things that may be holding you back. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Know your core values, strengths, weakness

  • Be able to define limiting beliefs, shame or hurt and the insecurity, or unhealthy patterns they are causing

  • Feel relief as your your concerns and goals come into focus

STAGE 3 - MakE Mindset Shifts

Next we apply truth with CBT and Positive Psychology methods to demolish your mental, emotional, or spiritual roadblocks, and fortify or rebuild your foundation, as it relates to your needs, goals, and life. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Be secure in God’s opinion, not the opinion of others

  • Have greater confidence as you come to peace with past and embrace your strengths

  • Enjoy a new inner voice that creates the specific energy or calm that you need

STAGE 4 - Learn New Skills

We now focus on learning new skills to build a strong framework for the life you desire going forward. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Have an energizing schedule prioritizing your values, building the life you want

  • Enjoy increased Emotional Intelligence and a deeper relationship with yourself, God and others

  • Know how to say “no”, implement boundaries, and effectively taking ownership of your life and joy

STAGE 5 - Set & ACHIEVE New Goals

As you level up from the inside out, you will have the capacity to reach previously unattainable goals. Upon completing this stage you will:

  • Have short, medium, and long term goals that are realistic and measurable

  • Possess the internal and external skills to achieve those goals

  • Live a life of greater contentment allowing you to enjoy what you have while passionately working for what you want.


“Our sessions were immensely helpful and brought me the clarity and validation that I needed to get unstuck and move forward.” 


Sarah, 29

“I’ve always been a skeptic about life coaching, but I’ve long admired Rebekah as a raw, real woman of substance. When she started coaching, I knew I needed to work with her.

Her background in professional counseling, leadership training and management, with her casual-best-friend-vibes, make it so easy to talk through personal and professional challenges.

We talked about my career, my relationships, my day to day life, and how all of those pieces meshed together.

Our sessions were immensely helpful and brought me the clarity and validation that I needed to get unstuck and move forward. I love that there was homework each week and that, in addition to listening well, she held me accountable to my goals.

I encourage any woman who is looking for some love and objectivity in getting ‘unstuck’ to call her immediately.”


level up in all areas as you enjoy coaching with a

Leadership Emphasis


The framework remains the same, but the focus expands to include your growth as a leader / manager.

I have 10 years of experience leading teams, training leaders, teaching soft skill development, and managing teams in both private and public sectors.

So let’s talk.

Let’s talk about you, life and God, and while we do, we can wade into the deep and stimulating waters of:

Leadership mindset

Mastering time management

Building trust & earning influence

Creating positive engagement and culture

Leading effective change

Leading high-performance teams

Dealing with difficult employees

Conflict resolution & mediation


“The feeling of getting my inner confidence back, is priceless.” 


Amber, 32

“To say I was nervous about coaching with Rebekah would be an understatement. As a mom and a wife I thought I would just handle it and figure it out along the way.

Rebekah was so good at listening without judgment, being empathetic, and reminding me that I wasn’t alone. She helped me start the process of letting go of unrealistic expectations, forgiving myself, and knowing who I am in Christ, which I simply couldn’t do alone.

My favorite part is the gentle encouragement she gave me to leave the pity party I had been throwing for myself for years.

The feeling of getting my inner confidence back is priceless and I’m so thankful for my experience with her.”


“I now find myself better equipped to handle moments of overwhelm while maintaining peace and joy.”


Monica, 38

“I found myself sitting in my car in tears because I had temporarily lost my keys, sounds silly but these moments of feeling overwhelmed had started to become more frequent & I knew I needed some help sorting through the overwhelm.

Several months prior to this incident I had the pleasure of seeing Rebekah speak at a Women's event after which I began to follow her on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her authenticity & content rooted in biblical truth.

I had considered a few times, before actually contacting her, seeking her coaching services but I would draw back with thoughts like "I can sort it out" , "I should be able to handle it" and even "I don't want to sound like I am complaining about my life."

I am so happy despite that noise, that I contacted her to set up our discovery call. Rebekah's program helped me clear the cobwebs, so to speak, she gave me homework and had me answer questions that revealed some areas of my life that needed some attention and that had me holding on to some limited beliefs.

I looked forward to our weekly Facetime sessions, it was as simple as having coffee with a good friend who had the best advice and answers, and best of all that pointed me in the right direction to my Heavenly Father.

After completing the initial series of sessions I find myself better equipped to handle moments of overwhelm while maintaining the peace and joy, that I believe, our Heavenly Father intends for us.”


Get started today with your free discovery call.