Rebekah Anne
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Premium Faith-Based Personal Development Courses

Perhaps you just love growth like I do. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow for 1:1 coaching at this time. Maybe you heard me speak live and just want more! Either way, I am thrilled to offer you truth, professional coaching strategies, powerful homework, and years of experience in the convenient and affordable delivery system of an online course. Each course has been created with a single goal in mind… to create real transformation for you, the student. Please enjoy and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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10 Steps to Overcome Lies & Limitings Beliefs God’s Way

Have you ever wondered why you can't stick to a goal? Perhaps you have hit a new level of leadership or recently started a new relationship, only to begin to feel more fear and insecurity. Have you started to notice an area of your life where you would like to change but just can't?

There are many lies and limiting beliefs that cripple women, robbing them of the abundant life promised by Christ. They are held back from pursing their passions, living out their purpose and in general, deeply enjoying their life.

Journey with Rebekah though 10 steps, one step per day, to find and rid your life of the lies that could very well be the source of your frustrations and limitations.


Becoming You Again

Students who take this course will learn:

  • The only true cure to stress and anxiety

  • The way God made them, what He ultimately made them for and why the frees us up to make choices that lead to peace

  • The steps to overcome and rid their life of anxiety rather than spend their lives managing the symptoms

COMING 12/1/2019


Build Your Confidence in 30 days

A fun and effective course giving you a short video to watch each day for one month along with a simple challenge to help you change the way you think about yourself.

COMING 2/1/2020