Personalized Soft Skills Development & Team Building Services

Soft Skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively, harmoniously and respectfully with other people. Unlike Hard Skills, they are transferable across industries. They include: Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Adaptability, Personal Motivation, Leadership, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution.

During my time as a manager I noticed two things. First, consistent interruptions, crisis, and email seemed to rule my day leaving me with very little energy to support and develop my team. Second, there was a lack of quality on-boarding for young professionals and little attention paid to skill development of long-term employees. 

The training programs that I offer address both of these problems. First, the outsourcing of this often intense work, saves you time. Second, and most important, this type of skill development will help your team members thrive at work and in their individual lives, which will ultimately help your whole organization function more smoothly. 

I have created eight interactive and one-of-a-kind training sessions, each one designed to Edify + Equip your team

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After many years in the corporate and academic setting, my passion for developing people continues to grow.  I enjoy collaborating with managers and administrators in team assessment, skill development and productivity enhancement.

Please Note: All session can be presented with a faith-based or non-faith based audience in mind.