...about providing effective, affordable and professional coaching to help women of all stages of life and faith find greater freedom and abundance in Christ. People choose to work with me for many reasons. I don't specialize in one topic, I specialize in detecting root issues, skill development and goal achievement. My style of coaching is friendly and relational. My approach is built on increasing your self-awareness, establishing and prioritizing core values, deepening your understanding of biblical Truth and building your strengths. While I pull from counseling techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Theory, I also see myself as a mentor, advisor, and confidante.

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A bit More about me


First and foremost, I believe that the "Truth shall set you free" (John 8:32) and that the Truth referred to in that verse is Jesus Christ. I believe that we have a free will and are given a certain amount of control over our lives. Yet, I also believe that no change happens apart from the Holy Spirit. As a coach, I earnestly strive to maintain a Biblical balance of personal responsibility and submission to God's sovereignty. 

My journey as a coach begun when I worked as a full-time mentor to more than 60 young women leaders for 3 years. It took on a new form after I completed my Master's Degree in Human Services and spent 3 years as a counselor, during which I completed more than 1,200 supervised counseling hours.

Most recently, as a manager working for the State of California, I was responsible for supervising and development of all department employees. Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of direct (one-on-one) coaching, mentoring and caring for over 130 people. My years of professional experience and hours of post-graduate education are nearly three times what the International Coaching Federation requires for a PCC (Professional Coach Certification).