My Favorite Finds #3

Discovering great products, things that can become my new staple or just add a dab of joy to my day is a favorite pastime of mine. I don’t know about you but I always get so excited when someone recommends something I haven't heard of or tried yet. So, for fun, occasionally I do a “Favorite Finds” post. Welcome to post #3! I hope you find something new to love!

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This book. If you haven't heard of it already you might be living under a rock. Ha. But, for good measure, I'm recommending it too. The message is simple. Love everbody, always. Its refreshing and light and very inspiring and you should get it if you need some feel good in your life. 

My favorite moisturizer of all time. This body oil is affordable and works better than all the pricey stuff I've bought at Sephora. Put a good squeeze in the bath and you will emerge with the softest skin with no effort at all. Use it in the shower - Just use it. It removes that annoying step of putting lotion all over your body. You'll thank me! 

While we are on the topic of affordable pampering here, enter the best cup of black tea you will ever have. This is loose leaf tea, so if you don't have your own tea strainer, make sure you select the option with the "satchels" AKA tea bags. It's so yummy that it's like a Hug-in-a-Mug...for your soul. 

Here we have a more practical item. Cute Mailers! I find that I need these little guys often to ship stuff that I sell on-line or to wrap a quick present. They are under $20 and you get 100 of them! Cute and classy - nice to have around. I've re-purchased these twice.