My Favorite Finds #2


Discovering great products, things that can become my new staple or just add a dab of joy to my day is a favorite pastime of mine. I don’t know about you but I always get so excited when someone recommends something I haven't heard of or tried yet. So, for fun, occasionally I do a “Favorite Finds” post. Welcome to post #2! I hope you find something new to love!


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To start with, the most perfect backpack at the best price you will ever find. This bag is thick canvas with leather accents and comes in a ton of cool colors. I took this bag with me on a trip to Europe and I can tell you that the construction is quality. Not to mention the "doctor style" opening is cute and making finding stuff inside super easy. Then there is the's kind of a steal. Get one. It's cute and perfect for, day trips, diaper bags, and even European adventures. 

Next, the set of pens that will end your search for the perfect pens. These pens are fine point, very pigmented, mine haven't dried out yet (and I've had them for months!) and major bonus, they are super affordable. Check them out now!

Not Yet Married, the book. It's different and refreshing, which is hard to find when it comes to the topic of singleness. It's really more about living and finding joy and removing that assumption once and for all that marriage will complete our life. Read it, or gift it. It's a chain-breaker kinda book.

Last, Tarte Cosmetics palette. This palette is ideal for ladies with "cool" coloring. Not sure what your coloring is? Check here: Anyway, this palette often sells out, so hopefully, it's there if you want it. If not, just remember that Tarte products are a big winner in my book. No weird smell and they go on smooth, last forever and are worth the investment - I've had this palette for over a year and its still going strong.