God Doesn't Love. He is Love.

What if God loved us?

What if God loved us no matter what?

What if He loved us even when we sinned?

Even when we sinned habitually? Even when we tried to kick our sin and couldn’t. What if God loved us even If we choose to sin knowing it was wrong and knowing that God was telling us no and we did it anyway.

What if God loved us even if we sinned because we were mad at Him? Even if we simply didn’t care what he had to say anymore? Even if we just thought it would feel good or make us feel better. Or just because we wanted to fit in, stand out, or get our way.

What if God loved us anyway?

What if God loved us even when we didn't believe in Him? Didn’t want Him? Didn’t see our need for Him? What if God loved us even when we scream and yell and fight with him? Ignore Him? Could care less about Him?

What if God was the source of all love?

All of it. Any love we have ever felt from a friend, a parent, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife. What if He was the source of any love we have ever given? To our children, to our family, to our lovers, to our pets, everything.

What if apart from God, love did not exist? At all.

What if God is the ultimate love relationship and all other relationships are born out of him, not the other way around. What if the very reason that we desire romantic love (being wanted, accepted and giving of ourselves) is because God wants to be wanted, accepted and to give of Himself? What if the very reason we desire familial love (permanent community) is because God wants permanent community? What if the reason we desire to be a parent or nurture anything (to care for, protect, lavish love on and watch the child grow, with pride in our eyes and hearts) is because God wants to care for, protect, lavish love on and watch his children grow, with pride in his eyes and heart?

What if, because we are made in the image of God, all love is desired by us because it is desired by Him? What if, because we are made in the image of God, we love because He loves?

What if God doesn’t just want to love us and for us to love Him but what if He actually is love? Like I am Caucasian. 

And what if love, in its purest form like that, is hard for us to understand because it is perfect and we are not?  What if perfect love has to give us free will to choose it and in order for there to be choice there has to be another option – evil.

What if perfect love sets up guidelines for our benefit like a father does for his children? No child, you can’t have doughnuts for breakfast because it’s not good for you. No child you can’t have sex with someone who isn’t your spouse because it’s not good for you. You may want it. You may think I’m “mean” for telling you no, but I won’t change my mind because perfect love cares more about what is best for you than what makes you feel good right now.

What if perfect love does the right thing for us regardless of what it makes us think about Him? 

What if perfect love is so secure that He can handle us hating Him? What if perfect love suffers our looks of desperate confusion because it knows that someday we will understand? 

What if our understanding of love is so limited that we are like children who think love must be giving us what we want, allowing us to do what we want, and letting the world revolve around us; when in reality, perfect love is strong enough to save us from ourselves? 

What if God isn’t justice, isn’t mercy, isn’t forgiveness. He is Love. And because it is perfect love it has to be infinity just and infinitely merciful and infinitely forgiving.

And what if….we exist to bring this His perfect love to completion?

I John 4:7-19