Rebekah's Story

Rebekah is Speaker and Life & Leadership Coach for Christian women, on a mission to champion Truth and set women free. She is known for her well-worded wisdom and speaking with God-given confidence, ease and humor.

Born and raised in California foothills, Rebekah’s upbringing was subtle, sweet and strong.

A natural leader, she became an RA at the age of 19 while attending Northwestern College. She went on to be a Resident Director and International Mission Trip Leader at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. After 3 years of mentoring college women full time, she began to see a big gap in the real lives of modern women and what was being discussed in mainstream Christianity.

When serving as the interim-Director of Women’s Ministry, Rebekah started a Bible study she called “Truth Be Told.” For two years she fearlessly exposed the thoughts and questions of young women and provided well-thought out Truth to help fortify their faith. This ministry lead to various invitations to speak. As her speaking ministry grew, Rebekah also completed her Master’s Degree, and begun work as a supervised counselor.

After 2 years of counseling, in order to live closer to family, Rebekah moved back to CA and assumed a management role at a large university in central California. In early 2018, when it became apparent that her demanding management position was preventing her from leaning into her calling, she quit her job and turned her passion for Truth and helping women, into her full-time work as a Speaker and Coach.

Rebekah’s second greatest passion is international mission work and she has had the opportunity to lead short term mission trips to Asia Minor, Ethiopia and Turkey.

For nearly 10 years Rebekah has been developing people though coaching and counseling, training leaders, leading teams and inspiring groups of 20 to 2,000 with practical Biblical teaching.

Mission Statement

To champion Truth and set women free.

Vision Statement 

Rebekah Anne, as a person, business and brand will inspire, equip and empower women to live the abundant life promised by Christ, in order that their life will honor the work of Christ on the cross, display the majesty of God, overflow into passionate service, and rouse the hearts of non-believers. The long-term vision is that this will a national, multi-media ministry, leading the way for the TRUE liberation of women.